Juviderm (Dermal Filler)

Juviderm/Juvederm is an FDA approved drug which is commonly used to treat facial wrinkles, lines and folds. There are multiple different types of Juvederm, each of which has a specific use. Dentists go over with the patient to understand what their cosmetic goal is before they start the treatment. Juvederm is a non-invasive procedure which means that the patient can avail of the procedure immediately after the consultation. Juvederm adds volume to a patient’s facial tissue with the active ingredient in it being hyaluronic acid. The process takes about 15-20 minutes and the patient does not experience any downtime afterward.

Dermall fillers are products which contain collagen, hyaluronic acid, or calcium hydroxyapatite that rejuvenate facial skin by reducing or eliminating wrinkles, enhancing lips and replacing soft-tissue volume loss through facial injections.

Juviderm is a soft but stable injectable gel made of hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance found in the skin that assists in adding hydration and volume. It can be strategically placed to help lift, contour, soften, plump and volumize areas you want to improve the appearance of with little to no downtime.

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